Student’s guide

Studies At Music Institute Juvenalia

Studying at a music institute requires participation in your own instrument or singing lessons, as well as daily home practice. Students also participate in group and ensemble classes and musicianship skills classes (Muha).

Home Practice

Home practice is essential when learning an instrument. Parental support at home is important, especially early on in the student’s studies. Key to home practice is to do it regularly with focus in calm, peaceful surroundings.

Group Classes

Playing in groups with others is an important part of basic music education. At the start of each semester instrument teachers help students find the right ensemble groups.

Musicianship Skills

Musicianship skills classes, or Muha, are part of every student’s study path starting from the age of nine.


Performing and observing others perform form an important part of basic arts education in each student’s study path. Performance allows students to learn from one another and enjoy each other’s music making. For pedagogical reasons it is very important for the student to be present in the concert rehearsals that the performance would be pleasant and joyful experience.

Listening Music

Listening to music is an integral part of developing students’ musical abilities. Music can be experienced at home or at live concerts. Students can also play, listen back and compare recordings of their homework via our streaming service.

Student Evaluation

Students receive ongoing feedback during their classes and feedback from performances are recorded in the student administration program. Students progressing from one level to another can also follow the overall progress in their respected study paths. Instrument teachers, musicianship skills teachers and ensemble instructors give continuing feedback on the learning processes of each student.

Music Institute And Other Hobbies

When considering signing up, students and parents should note that in addition to weekly instrument lessons, students also participate in weekly musicianship skills classes and ensemble classes. The study paths of the advanced syllabus for music require commitment, determination, and occasionally it can mean choosing between hobbies. Besides learning instrument or vocal skills, studying music also means being part of a community and having the freedom of expression. Studies at a music institute also brings joy to students and provides myriad life skills.

Hearing Protection

Hearing is the most important tool for musicians and music students alike and Juvenalia takes measures in protecting it from loud, continuous or sudden noise. Ear protectors that dampen sound by 9–15 dB are sufficient for practicing. For further noise reduction, standard earplugs are available from pharmacies.

Suspending Juvenalia Studies

Studies may be temporarily suspended only for the following reasons: The completion of military service, parental leave, serious illness (with a doctor’s note) and exchange studies in another country.

Reducing The Number Of Music Studies

The number of studies can be temporarily reduced for a fixed period by discussing the matter with the student’s instrument teacher and the principal or vice-principal. A student will retain their place at Juvenalia, semester fees remain as normal.

Ending Studies At Juvenalia

Ending studies at Juvenalia is done during registration for the following semester via the student administration program.

Absence From Classes And Rehearsals

If a student cannot make a class or rehearsals, please notify the teacher. Please note that missed classes can not be rescheduled by the teacher. If a student misses three (3) consecutive classes without an explanation, the student will lose their place at Juvenalia.

Absence Of Teacher

In the event of a teacher’s absence, students will be notified as soon as possible. Teachers are responsible for rescheduling their classes after two missed classes. A substitute teacher or rescheduling of a class will always occur in the event of a teacher’s absence caused by a factor other than illness.

The Right To A Student Place At A Music Institute

Students can only enroll at one music institute at a time. Same rule applies for professional studies. Students enrolled at a different music institute are welcome to take individual classes at Juvenalia through our open department.


A certificate can be awarded for students upon their completion of the core studies. Students who complete the advanced national syllabus for music are rewarded a graduate certificate.

Other Study Options / Open Department

Students can continue to take instrument lessons upon their graduation at Juvenalia’s open department.


Students are insured against accidents at Junenalia’s teaching facilities.


Juvenalia values direct and honest communication between parents and the teachers. We encourage open dialogue concerning any issues that may rise and work together in solving them. If necessary, parents can also reach out to Juvenalia’s principal or administration.