Musical Theatre

Juvenalia is the only music institute in Finland where musical theatre is available for singers as advanced studies.

The cornerstone of the musical theatre studies, the musical theatre ensemble, is where students are introduced to the three main areas of musical theatre: singing, acting and dancing. Throughout the program, each of these areas is explored at depth in engaging, dynamic and fun ways.
By the end of their progressively more challenging advanced studies, students will possess the necessary tools to seek for higher education opportunities within the field.

The ensemble work is largely production based and the groups organize, rehearse and perform a number of different shows and concerts each year. Every few years, a musical is produced by Juvenalia’s 16+ year-olds, our younger students also getting casted from time to time. Musical theatre studies are available for children of ten (4th grade) and older.

LIEKKI – Musical theatre core studies 1 (10–12 year-olds) is for children from all music academies, who are selected to the group through auditions.
HEHKU – Musical theatre core studies 2 (13–15 year-olds) is meant for existing Juvenalia students as their main or secondary subject.
LOISTE – Musical theatre core studies 3 and further advanced studies can be studied as the main and secondary main subjects by Juvenalia students.