Folk Music /traditional music

Juvenalia offers an advanced study program in Folk Music, where the Kantele serves as a first instrument. Although the program specialises in the Finnish tradition, music from other cultures will also be explored.

Folk Music pedagogy consists of:
  • ear training
  • composing music through improvisation, arrangement and writing
  • discovering music through singing and playing, alone and in a group

Folk music groups form an important part of the studies. Juvenalia students outside the Folk Music Department are also welcome to join in.

Students are actively collaborating with Folk Music Departments at other music institutes in the metropolitan area and have annual concerts together.

MELKUTUS kansanmusiikkitapahtuma Sellosalissa 5.4.2014

Folk music studies at Juvenalia follow the national folk music curriculum. The 5 and 11 string kanteles are available as part of instrument coaching, followed by their larger cousins during basic instrument studies. While the different versions of Kantele remain as part of the studies throughout the program, students are encouraged to explore the scope of each instrument in depth at their own pace. As their studies progress, students will see more opportunities to focus on their preferred subjects.

The Folk Music Path can also be followed all the way to university level.