Tuition Fees


Tuition fees cover instrument lessons, musicianship skills classes, group and ensemble classes, and possible additional studies. Juvenalia also presents further study options and other opportunities for an additional fee, such as masterclasses.  

The tuition fee for group lessons includes all the group activities mentioned.

Invoices are sent out in September/ October and in February/ March.

Please note that Juvenalia’s tuition fees for the basic arts education change according to the national curriculum reform from a fee based on the length of lessons to a single semester fee in 2021–2022.

Basic Arts Studies

Instrumental teaching and musical theatre

Basic studies
Additional subject 30 min
Additional study year

350 €
250 €
380 €

Early childhood education (Muskari)

Muskari 30 min
Muskari 45 min
Muskari 60–75 min
Muskari 90 min
Stream muskari

90 €
130 €
160 €
220 €
50 €

Music coaching

Choir coaching
Children’s choir
Music coaching group
Instrument coaching group

100 €
100 €
130 €
130 €

Open studies

Group lessons
Junior package
Open studies 30 min
Open studies 45 min

100 €
270 €
600 €
900 €

Special Music Education

Group lessons 30 min
Group lessons 45 min
One on one lessons

90 €
130 €
250 €

Instrument Hire

Second-year and beyond
Additional fee for students outside Juvenalia, per year

50 €
75 €
50 €

Sibling Discount

Sibling discount for one additional child is 15 % and 30 % for all further siblings. Please note that the discount does not apply for students studying in Juvenalia’s open department or additional subjects.

Discounted Fees

Discounts can be applied for until September 15. using the online form. Please attach all the necessary attachments with the application. Discounts can be granted as 50 % or 100 % of the tuition fee. Discounted fees cannot be applied to cover open department tuition fees or fees of 130 € and less.

Zero-Pay Music Play School / Muskari

If a family has a city-issued decision for a zero-pay daycare fee, the child is also exempt from music play school tuition fee. The decision is granted for one year at a time. Please submit a copy of the city’s daycare fee decision no later than 15.9. at Juvenalia’s office.

Non-Payment Issues

Failure to pay the tuition fee will result in the termination of the student’s studies at Juvenalia.