Studies at Juvenalia

Whether you’re looking to pick up an instrument as a hobby or aiming to be a professional musician, the advanced syllabus for basic art education has a path for you.

The advanced syllabus for music in basic art education leads aspiring musicians through the core study units 1–3, and further into in-depth studies. Students can enroll in the core studies at Juvenalia without previous experience, or proceed through early childhood education and introductory instrument studies.

The specialised studies culminate in a final assignment, where the student’s wider interests and strong suits are also taken into consideration. The Juvenalia’s study path is built of instrument, general music and ensemble studies. Students choose their main focus between instrument, voice or musical theatre studies.

The Juvenalia study path lays down a firm foundation for a lifelong music hobby, as well as providing all the necessary tools for those wishing to pursue music on a professional level.