Ensembles play an integral part of musical development, and at Juvenalia, our students partake in ensembles throughout their studies. Many highlight playing with others as their favorite musical activity. Ensemble studies are uniquely designed for each student by their main instrument teacher.

Wind ensembles

Juvenalian puhallinorkesterit – Jupot

Juvenalia’s wind ensembles are a merry band of wind instrument players and percussionists.

Jupo 4 is aimed at preschoolers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders with approximately a year’s worth of experience on their instruments. A new Jupo 4 group is formed every couple of years.

Jupo 3 is for 2nd to 5th graders with 3–5 years worth of instrument learning experience.

Jupo 2 is for 4th to 7th graders who have completed core study unit 2.

Jupo 1 is for middle school and high school ages who have completed, or are working on their core study unit 3.


Tanja Vienonen, tanja.vienonen@juvenalia.fi

Juvenalia Big Band

Juvenalia Big Band, or JBB, is aimed for young students with a couple of years worth of experience already under their belts, as well as for our older, more advanced players. Saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass and drums are all part of the Big Band instrument group. Active since 2010, JBB has collaborated with several top soloists.


Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, olli-pekka.tuomisalo@juvenalia.fi

Wind ensembles

Flute ensemble

All Music Institute Juvenalia flute students are involved in our flute ensemble. Active groups include:

  • Beginner-level flute ensemble Piiparit,
    Rehearsals at Sello, Debussy, Tuesdays
  • Flute ensemble Juvenalia, aimed at flute students who have completed core study unit 2
    Rehearsals at Sello, Kódaly, bi-weekly Saturdays

Hellevi Lassfolk, hellevi.lassfolk@juvenalia.fi

Juvenalia Clarinet ensemble

Rehearsals at Sello, Pikkusali Thursdays


Jörg-Fabian Schnabel, jorg-fabian.schnabel@juvenalia.fi

Juvenalia Reeds

Rehearsals at Sello, check for schedule


Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo

Juvenalia’s string ensembles



Marja-Helena Ojanperä & Riittaliisa Hakulinen
marja-helena.ojanpera@juvenalia.fi & riittaliisa.hakulinen@juvenalia.fi

String Ensemble Kolmevarttiset


Riittaliisa Hakulinen & Marleena Antikainen
riittaliisa.hakulinen@juvenalia.fi, marleena.antikainen@juvenalia.fi

Beginners Orchestra ValO


Tarja Jokiaho, tarja.jokiaho@juvenalia.fi

Juvenalia String Ensemble


Lauri Suonio, lauri.suonio@juvenalia.fi

Chamber Orchestra

The Juvenalia chamber orchestra is aimed for our more advanced string players. When joined forces with wind players, this ensemble has the capacity to be expanded into a small symphony orchestra or opera orchestra. Musically our chamber orchestra covers plenty of ground; its repertoire ranging from baroque pieces to modern classical, all the way to modern popular music. The orchestra meets for rehearsals weekly, more frequently during performance season. The group also takes part in other Juvenalia productions, recording sessions, as well as organizing concerts trips nationally and internationally. Juvenalia chamber orchestra has worked with several esteemed soloists as well as collaborated on projects with Käpylä music institute’s orchestra and Dortmund’s Youth symphony orchestra.


Janne Hanhijärvi, janne.hanhijarvi@juvenalia.fi


Juvenalia’s choirs are coordinated according to the age of the students. Our children’s choir and youth ensembles are open to join for those selected through auditions, but anyone interested in singing is welcome to apply.

Choir coaching, 7-9 year olds

Children’s choir, 10-12 year olds

Youth vocal ensemble 1, 13-15 year olds

The youth vocal ensembles delve into basic vocal techniques and polyphonic singing. The repertoire is rich in its variety, consisting of pop/rock, classical, folk music and more. The depths of vocal expression are explored through improvisation and writing original material.


Director Roosa Punkari, roosa.punkari@juvenalia.fi

Juvenalia choir

Júlia Heéger is director of Juvenalia choir, established in 1989. Her duties also include the choir’s voice coaching. The choir’s varied programming covers all musical eras from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Folk songs, jazz harmonies and beatboxing are all part of the choir’s repertoire, in conjunction with operas and grand church music works. The focus for the choir, however, remains the great a cappella pieces. Celebrated internationally, Juvenalia choir’s previous accolade is from the In Canto sul Garda competition, held in Italy in October 2019.


Director Júlia Heéger, julia.heeger@juvenalia.fi

Opera and Lied class

Juvenalia’s opera studies are geared towards singers who are 15 or older and already in their in-depth voice studies. Auditions for Juvenalia’s opera studies are held in the spring.

Rehearsals at Sello, Pikkusali


Anitta Ranta, anitta.ranta@juvenalia.fi

Lied class aim to engage voice and piano students in chamber music collaborations through Vocal music. Meeting and rehearsing once a week, Lied class groups perform their repertoire at self-organized events and during Juvenalia’s student concerts.

Rehearsals at Sello, Pikkusali, Tuesdays 19.15


Mette Heikkinen, mette.heikkinen@juvenalia.fi

Chamber music

Chamber music groups are generally formed by 2–5 students around the same age and level. Chamber music tuition can take place periodically or on a regular basis.


Antti Vahtola, antti.vahtola@juvenalia.fi