Early childhood music education


Early childhood music education or “muskari”, as it’s known, brings a little joy to the everyday and supports children’s development.

More than musical baby steps, muskari also develops social skills in a child and promotes a healthy self image. Muskari is aimed at all pre-school age children and their families. Children under the age of 3 must generally be accompanied in class by an adult.

At muskari, children use their voices, their bodies and instruments to make music. Muskari is also a great footing for a lifelong musical practice. In addition to games and nursery rhymes, children play songs, new and traditional. Movement, dance and hands-on art making are all also part of muskari classes.


A SCHOOL YEAR 2024-2025

Registration for Sello, Karatalo, Pisan kartano and daycare groups is open until August 30. Teaching begins on August 12, 2024.

The length of the class is between 45 and 90 minutes and our semester is 30-32 weeks. Muskari takes place once a week, spots are reserved in the order of registration. Places are usually reserved for the entire semester prior to its start, but children can also join mid-semester. Some classes might take the form of concerts or visits. Juvenalia also offers Special Music Education.

Read more about applying to muskari from our applying-page.

Muskari classes also take place at participating nurseries during their regular day.

Participating nurseries:

Espoon englanninkielinen leikkikoulu (Karakallio ja Kilonpuisto), Eestinkallion koulu (eskari- ja koululaisryhmä), Kilon päiväkoti, Kilonpuiston koulu, Kilonpuiston lastentalo, Kuninkaisten päiväkoti, Laaksolahden päiväkoti, Lintuvaaran päiväkoti, eskari ja koulu, Lähderannan päiväkoti, Päiväkoti Helmi Leppävaara ja Tuomarila, Taavinkylän lastentalo, Vermon päiväkoti.

Download sheet music for Aurinko



Heidi Tamper
heidi.tamper@juvenalia.fi, 044 383 5844
PK Kilo, Laaksolahti, Lähderanta

Ninni Repo
ninni.repo@juvenalia.fi, 050 565 9690

Rosa-Lia Anthoni, erityismusiikkikasvatus

Sanna Paajanen
sanna.paajanen@juvenalia.fi, 044 709 5938
PK ja KOULU Eestinkallio, EEL Karakallio ja Kilonpuisto, Helmi/Tuomarila, Taavinkylä
Pisan kartano

Sofia Junttila
sofia.junttila@juvenalia.fi, 044 901 6918
Karatalo, Sello

Tiina Forsman, erityismusiikkikasvatus
tiina.forsman@juvenalia.fi, 044 774 0992
PK Helmi/Leppävaara, Kilonpuiston koulu, Kilonpuiston lastentalo, Kuninkainen, Lintuvaara, Vermo