Early childhood music education


Early childhood music education or “muskari”, as it’s known, brings a little joy to the everyday and supports children’s development.

More than musical baby steps, muskari also develops social skills in a child and promotes a healthy self image. Muskari is aimed at all pre-school age children and their families. Children under the age of 3 must generally be accompanied in class by an adult.

At muskari, children use their voices, their bodies and instruments to make music. Muskari is also a great footing for a lifelong musical practice. In addition to games and nursery rhymes, children play songs, new and traditional. Movement, dance and hands-on art making are all also part of muskari classes.

The length of the class is between 30 and 90 minutes and our semester is 30–32 weeks. Muskari takes place once a week, spots are reserved in the order of registration. Places are usually reserved for the entire semester prior to its start, but children can also join mid-semester. Some classes might take the form of concerts or visits. Juvenalia also offers Special Music Education.

Read more about applying to muskari from our applying-page.

Muskari classes also take place at participating nurseries during their regular day. Participating nurseries are:

Espoon englanninkielinen leikkikoulu (Karakallio ja Kilonpuisto), Eestinkallion koulu (eskari- ja koululaisryhmä), Kilon päiväkoti ja Aspelinin esikoulu, Kilonpuiston lastentalo, Kuninkaisten päiväkoti, Laajalahden Ankkalampi, Laaksolahden Montessori-leikkikoulu, Laaksolahden päiväkoti, Lintuvaaran päiväkoti, eskari ja koulu, Lähderannan päiväkoti, Pisan päiväkoti, Taavinkylän lastentalo.

Esittelylaulu - Juvenalian striimimuskari



Heidi Tamper
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PK Ankkalampi, Kilo, Laaksolahti, Lähderanta

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Sanna Paajanen
sanna.paajanen@juvenalia.fi, 044 709 5938
PK EEL Kilonpuisto, Laaksolahden Montessori-leikkikoulu, Taavinkylä
Pisan kartano

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