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At the Music Institute Juvenalia, we offer high quality, goal-oriented Arts education, based on the advanced syllabus for music. Our goal is to provide our students with a diverse set of musical skill sets and prepare them for a lifelong enjoyment of music, as well as to coach those students aiming for higher education studies in music.

The very core of our operations is based on our view of our students as unique, developing individuals. Our pedagogical and artistic expertise allows us to nurture and support each of our students based on their unique learning abilities. We are an active presence in the music and cultural scene of Espoo, where we produce events and develop cultural services.


Our core values include high standards of pedagogy and artistic vision, purposeful interaction with, and caring for our students. The basic education of the Arts is built on the promotion and respect for human rights, equality and cultural pluralism. Music Institute Juvenalia stands behind these values.

Tyttö soittaa kanteletta


Our students are at the very heart of Juvenalia. Goals for each of our students are set by a national curriculum based on student-oriented learning, supported by the use of multisensory, emotion-based learning and multifaceted interaction. We champion a style of teaching that’s inspiring, varied and catered to the individual. All Juvenalia students receive thoughtful guidance from our teachers to help direct their musical studies, to set and reach their unique goals.

Independent, tenacious instrument practice routine is balanced with group classes with other young musicians. This helps students to form an understanding of their skills as individual musicians and as members of ensembles.


Music Institute Juvenalia is a community and at its foundation is the joy of learning. By respecting and supporting one another, we create a safe, tolerant and inclusive learning environment. As active members of the Juvenalia community, each student, teacher and staff helps strengthen that community spirit in line with our values.


Juvenalia teachers provide the tuition content, as well as their teaching goals for each student. Our diplomas/ grades follow the national guidelines for the advanced syllabus in basic Arts education (Board of Education 2017).

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Equality and non-discrimination

Juvenalia supports equal opportunity, diversity and respect for all. Find out more about our evolving commitment to equality and non-discrimination. We regularly review these policies.