Musicianship skills

In addition to instrument and ensemble studies there is also musicianship skills, or muha, as it’s more commonly known. Muha is an important and stimulating part of the extensive curriculum of music. Muha aims to develop the student’s memory, deepen their relationship to music and broaden practical knowhow. Listening, abstracting and reading music are all part of the studies. Muha studies generally start at age 8–9.

Weekly muha classes consist of singing, solfege, movement, writing, active listening and playing of instruments. Muha students’ own compositions and arrangements are used as learning material in class, select creations get performed live in concert. Muha supports students in their unique musical journeys, while building group working skills, respect for others, and independence, all in an encouraging environment. Muha groups also partake in concerts, as performers as well as listeners.

Music technology as part of the muha studies leads with a semester long program, peppered with shorter introductory courses on topics ranging from writing, recording and creating music with the use of software programs.

Independent practice and homework are an integral part of the learning process. Homework and all other important muha related information for each group is readily available through a website läksysivut.

Goals specific for each muha study unit are available online via the Juvenalia study path page. Group specific information on homework, as well as the music technology resource, can be found on our website through each teacher’s page.


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Iiris Kaasinen

Tuomas Kettunen, Composing

Hanna Mustaniemi

Matti Sunell, Musiikkitechnology