Musical coaching

Musical coaching groups offer school-age children the opportunity to continue learning in the familiar and holistic muskari environment, where individual development is always taken into consideration. Musical coaching also prepares students for the core studies.


Early childhood music education for school-age children at Lintuvaara and Eestinkallio schools.

Familiar muskari methods of singing, playing instruments, movement, listening, improvisation and the integration of other art forms are all present at koululaismuskari.

Koululaismuskari is for 1st to 3rd graders. Class length 45 minutes.


Tiina Forsman,

Musical theatre coaching

At Sello, 1st to 3rd graders also have the option of a musical theatre group, which incorporates the methods of music, poetry and storytelling, visual art, stage design and dance.

Class length 75 minutes.


Heidi Tamper,


Luomus is an after school program for 2nd and 3rd graders at Lintuvaara school, with its focus on music and creativity.

During a Luomus class, students are encouraged to explore their creative side in fun and engaging ways through the different musical elements. Luomus participants will also get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the French horn, as well as oher brass instruments, depending on availability.

Time and Place

No Luomus at Lintuvaara school during the school year of 2020–21.


Anni Juvonen,

Juvenalia Choirs

At Sello, Choir coaching offers 7–9 year-olds an introduction to singing through movement, dance, rhythms and creative exercises!

The repertoire consists of a wide range of age appropriate material. Choir coaching leads students in their first steps in vocal harmonizing and ensembles, also preparing them for children’s choir.

Places are filled in the order of registration and a short meeting with the choir leader and the student is arranged upon registration.

Time, place

Thursdays at Sello, 4–5pm


Tuulikki Blom,

Instrument coaching

Instrument coaching is an introduction to the studies at Juvenalia’s music academy. All 5–10 can apply with the instrument of their choice.

The duration of the program is no more than two years and learning takes place in small groups, weekly classes run between 30–60 minutes. As a student participating in instrument coaching, the child is also free to attend musicianship skills and ensemble classes.

Instrument coaching is:

  • introduction to an instrument
  • learning notes, sight reading
  • listening music; to the self and others
  • practicing
  • discovering music

Students must have access to an instrument at home for practicing purposes, if necessary, your teacher will advice you with acquiring an instrument.

Auditions for instrument coaching are held each spring. Students will start basic instrument studies upon completing their instrument coaching.