Muskari guide 


No fee for cancellations placed prior to the start of the semester. Trial classes are available free of charge. Please note that you must inform your Juvenalia teacher, as well our office ( via email should you no longer wish to sign up for the semester after your free trial. A full semester fee will be charged for late cancellations.


Please let your teacher know of any possible absences during the semester. A class missed by a student cannot be rescheduled. A student may miss out on two (2) classes per semester due to a teacher’s absence.


See our holiday calendar. Since the semester is shorter for the music play school students, your teacher will always keep you up to date on any changes to the holiday schedule.

Eepos identifications codes

Any changes to students’ or parents’ contact information should be updated through the Eepos student management system using the personal Eepos identification codes. The codes will be sent by email to the student’s custodians at the beginning of the semester.


Students are insured for accidents during Juvenalia classes.